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Welcome to the Product Site of Wenzel ScanTec
  The intention of this product site is for users to gain fast access to the information  related to our products, there are specific areas which only our resellers have access to, however if you are a customer just visiting the site you can either be redirected to our main website (Click the main banner above), or just browse the brief information here.  
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MobileScan3D is a truly mobile CNC laser scanning solution

allowing fully automatic reverse engineering and part inspection verification to occur. Its portability and rapid setup provides a unique opportunity to scan on location without the tedious and time consuming effort required by the current portable arm scanning solutions.


Clamp the turbine, push a button and start the non-contact measurement on the production floor CORE-DS makes it all possible! A robust and compact desktop version with high dynamics specifically designed for the measurement of turbine blades on the production floor. Integral rotary table for rapid part positioning and continuous wrist motion allows optimal alignment of the white light sensor. CORE-DS, the non contact optical measuring solution represents the optimum blade measurement solution that manufacturing has long been looking for.

CORE Blade Measurement   
MAXOS MAXOS CMM is a system developed for non contact measurement of turbine blades, vanes, bliscs, air cooling’s, etc. The system has up to 7 axes of motion, 4 of them are rotary axes, all with continuous motion, and 360° revolution. The special WENZEL ScanTec optical sensor allows the direct measurement (no need for a spray coating) on even highly polished and reflective surfaces, milled or rusty.
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