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PointMaster V5
 Reverse Engineering and Verification Software


MobileScan3D is supplied as standard with our own PointMaster V5 Foundation Scanning Module. Additional application modules can be added at a future point for reverse engineering or verification of scan data against nominal CAD data.


PointMaster for Reverse Engineering Parts from Point Clouds
Reverse Engineering Software

  Easy to Use  
  The user sketches topological edges interactively. The optimum boundaries of the curves in this area are calculated using the geometry navigator and an approximation of the surface is created. At the press of a button, combined surfaces can be connected with C2 continuity.  
  One of PointMaster‘s major plus points is the visual assistance provided by the interactive ‚feature shading‘. This displays both artefacts and any areas of discontinuity, as well as feature lines, which are the key for surface segmentation. New functions such as surface trimming by use of B-spline curves, importing surfaces created in CAD systems for surface reconstruction and geometric feature recognition round off the wide range of new features in PointMaster version V 5.0.  
  • Key features of the surface reverse engineering module in brief:

  • Interactive ‚Feature Shading‘

  • Feature line extraction

  • Concept Strak Surfaces‘

  • C2 continuity across all adjacent surfaces

  • C2 continuous T-connections

  • 3-sided patches

  • Real-time analysis

  • CAD surface boundaries can be used for the reconstruction

  • Surface trimming

  • Automatic geometric feature extraction Planes, cylinders, cones, spheres and torus.


PointMaster for Verification of Parts against CAD Model

PointMaster V5

The user transforms the measured data (scan data) into the coordinate system of the reference object (CAD data), starts the analysis and obtains as a result a deviation map (all deviations measured are shown in colour).


The deviation map can be switched to a configurable tolerance map. Measurement points can be picked up directly from the object being analysed and exported into an inspection report. ‘Virtual measurement machine‘



Key features of the verification module in brief:

  • Object alignment

  • Nominal/actual value comparison

  • Deviation mapping

  • Interactive tolerance mapping

  • Statistical analysis of measured data

  • Automatic generation of measurement reports in standard formats

  • Measurement of tomography data (CT scan data)

  • Import interfaces for IGES, STL and many

  • Point Cloud formats

  For more information about PointMaster V5 and to receive the brochure, please use our contact page  

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  Other Software
  In addition Geomagic Software is supported and fully integrated as a “Plug In” module. No post processing is necessary. Compatibility to other major point cloud software‘s can be evaluated upon request.
  For more information regarding software, and to receive our brochure, please use the contact page.
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