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Wenzel ScanTec, former Steintek, is a privately owned company based in Greding, Bavaria, Germany.

The company is part of the Wenzel Group.

Founded in 1989, Wenzel ScanTec was one of the first companies using optical sensors in coordinate measurements systems.

Since then Steintek, now Wenzel ScanTec, has been working together with customers in the Power Generation Industry developing and implementing measurement techniques customized for this industry segment.

Nowadays, this background, together with the experience developed in the past 20 years Wenzel ScanTec expanded its measurement solutions to the aerospace, including non contact inspection of complex components.

Specializing in power generation, and aerospace, Wenzel ScanTec offers high technically customized optical CMM solutions for the non contact inspection of bladed discs, vanes, gas and steam turbine blades, industrial blades, air coolings, and nozzles.

Wenzel ScanTec's is an approved supplier of high-quality non contact CMM for the inspection of complex components of the power generation industry to the major suppliers of gas and steam turbines.


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