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To find our exact location using Google Earth first install Google earth, and then click this link.
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How to contact us:
Tel:   +49 (0)8463 61 99 900
FAX:   +49 (0)8463 60 61 65
Email:   info@wenzel-scantec.com
Wenzel ScanTec is located in Greding in the middle of Bavaria and is served by an air, rail and motorway network and is easily accessible from the Munich or Nuremberg airports.

By Road

From Munich follow the A9 highway north towards Nuremberg until you reach Greding, then leave the A9 and follow the directions to our site
From Frankfurt follow the A3 Highway south towards Nuremberg. From Nuremberg follow the A9 towards Munich until you reach Greding, then leave the highway and follow the directions to our site.

Distances to the airports

  • From Munich: 100 km to the south
  • From Nuremberg: 65 km to the north
  • From Frankfurt: 300 km to the north

Distance to the Railway Station

  • Kinding: approximately 8 km from Greding and it is on the mainline Nuremberg-Ingolstadt
The Full Postal Address of Wenzel ScanTec is as follows:-
Mettendorfer Weg 24
91171 Greding




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