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MAXOS Non Contact CMM

  MAXOS CMM is a system developed for non contact measurement of turbine blades, vanes, bliscs, air cooling’s, etc. The system has up to 7 axes of motion, 4 of them are rotary axes, all with continuous motion, and 360° revolution. The special WENZEL ScanTec optical sensor allows the direct measurement (no need for a spray coating) on even highly polished and reflective surfaces , milled or rusty.  
  Win3DS Blade Software

Software for Inspection of Turbine Blades, Steam and Gas Turbines, Bladed Discs, Vanes, Shrouds, etc.


One Software Environment for:
  • CMM control
  • Realization of measurements tasks
  • Inspection of turbine blades and other components
  • Production control
  • Analyzing and reporting
  • Programming of new tasks


  • Graphical and numerical protocol
  • Fast and easy customization to specific customer requirements
  • Freely definable Microsoft Excel format templates
  • Saveable protocol in Excel format
  • Parameterized iterative Best Fit alignment routine
  • Fast feedback to  production machinery
  • ‘What-If’ analysis for adjustment of production machinery


Open library with over 500 functions.


The WLP Sensor is based upon triangulation principles.

The sensor is colour and surface insensitive. Due to its unique features, the sensor can measure highly reflective surfaces, like polished or milled materials, rusty surfaces, and cracks.

A small light spot of either 35µm or 50µm allows for the measurement of sharp edges with radius less than 0.2 mm.

Combined with WENZEL ScanTec's swivel head, the sensor can measure features not possible to be measured with a typical CMM probe system or with conventional optical system. E.g. fir tree roots.
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