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Blue Laser Technology provides Mobile CNC 3D Scanning System with next generation performance –

“Blu-Scan” the new standard in portable scanning


‘Blu-Scan’ blue laser scanning sensor has been implemented into MobileScan3D. The new sensor projects a much finer line than the previous generation red lasers. Its higher resolution is more tolerant to surface textures. The advantages over red lasers are more power, constant line thickness and less speckle due to shorter wavelength with much improved focus and a thinner projection line. This means higher data rates, higher resolution data and more accurate processed images.

  Measuring Ranges  

  100mm Sensor          
  measurement range 100mm   Measurement area 100   laser line length 100mm sensor  
  400mm Sensor          
  400mm diameter   400mm diameter   400mm laser length  
  1000mm Sensor          
  1000mm sensor diameter   100mm sensor sphere   1000mm sensor laser line length  

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