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The 400mm and 1000mm sensors have the same size and physical appearance. The precision components are built on a separate carbon fibre substrate which eliminates small knocks impacting on the sensors accuracy. The components, which comprise of line laser source and camera, are all housed in protective lightweight outer case which has a built in fan and temperature sensors to maintain a stable and constant temperature within. The size and width of the sensor enables a good triangulation which in turn also provides a very large depth of field. This eliminates the need to maintain a set distance to the component being scanned, which is often a problem for most manual hand held scanner systems.


MobileScan3D Components
  400/1000mm Sensor   100mm Sensor

  360 Degrees of Precision CNC Motion  
  MobileScan3D comprises the 2 axis CNC swivel head housed in the main body which has precision rotary encoders and very precise positioning motors. Standard “Quick Click” precision tripod mount enables fast and easy mounting of the swivel head. Each of the3 scanning sensors are attached in a few seconds. To scan simply initialize the homing sequence and the system is ready to commence data collection. Each sensor is software configurable for two point spacing densities, 512 or 1024 points per line. The accuracies for each sensor are stated on the next page.  

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