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MobileScan3D 100mm Sensor Applications

MobileScan3D 100mm Sensor Applications
Typical MobileScan3D System with 100mm Sensor


The strengths of MobileScan3D are revealed by specific applications. The depth of potential applications are too numerous and varied; a few examples of specific applications are shown to highlight its advantages.

MobileScan3D can be used for numerous applications; here the rotary table is being used to rotate the part and perform a complete scan pass which provides all scans in the same coordinate system.

Since the whole system is fully CNC, it ensures that the results are accurate and repeatable; acquired scanned data from competitive manual systems is operator dependent. Not so with MobileScan3D.

  Typical scans created with 100mm sensor  

3D Scan of grasshopper
Grasshoppers 25mm in Length, here you can see the actual polymesh from the raw scanned data
Laser scan insect Grasshopper laser scanning
No powder coating was used for the scans, they were performed on the natural surface of the grasshopper
  These scans were created by scanning a small grasshopper supported by a pin, the grasshopper was positioned in the centre of our MobileScan3D rotary table and then scanned at 15 degree increments, the whole process was fully automatic and took approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.  

  Scanned small toy
Scan using 100mm sensor
The part shown in the picture was scanned with the 100mm sensor on our CNC rotary table, as you can see on the left the results a truly amazing, and with incredible detail, bearing in mind that the part was just over 30mm in height

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