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MobileScan3D 1000 Sensor & Applications


Each MobileScan3D sensor has an incredible depth of field. In this application the 1000mm sensor was used. The acquired data is not easily obtainable with arm based scanners due to accessibility issues based upon their need to get close to the surface being scanned in order to get good data.


Scanning Under Car   Scanning Depth of field
MobileScan3D has no issues accessing awkward under body features.

Scanning car with bumper on   Scanning car with bumper off
Scan Data - Bumper on Scan Data - Bumper Off


MobileScan3D is supplied as standard with our own PointMaster V5 Foundation Scanning Module. Additional application modules can be added at a future point for reverse engineering or verification of scan data against nominal CAD data.

In addition Geomagic Software is supported and fully integrated as a “Plug In” module.

No post processing is necessary. Compatibility to other major point cloud software‘s can be evaluated upon request.

  PointMasterV5 User Interface

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