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MobileScan3D Overview and Summary

MobileScan3D quick assembly kit  

MobileScan3D Key Points

  • Large measurement volume

  • Useable on sloped terrain

  • Pneumatic counterbalance system for precise sensor positioning in Z direction

  • Aluminium tripod for lightness and durability

  • Full CNC operation provides enhanced accurate dataset

  • Quick and easy setup in less than 8 minutes

  • No attachment of targets to part required

  • Impressive depth of field means no need to maintain critical distance to component surface

  • Wide angular range means there is no need to be perpendicular to surface to get good accurate data

  • Quick sensor changing system enables a small to large measurement volume without need to re-calibrate

  • One person transport due to innovative system packaging

  • Structured and ordered scanned data set

  • Battery pack available for remote locations


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